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Have you ever said to yourself “buy my house please” after a potential buyer has left? Selling a house can be a very frustrating experience especially when you want to sell your home quickly. A sale when you need it would make all the different in the world and reduce the enormous stress you’re probably under. The problem is that your home is in most cases just going to sell slowly in the regular market. Buyers are looking for the best value for their money and if your house doesn’t fit their criteria, they will look elsewhere.

If you find yourself thinking “I want someone to buy my house “you have to do what you can to make this a reality. One way you can do this is to fix up your home by doing small repairs. When you repair your home you’ll increase the value and give buyers more incentive to take a second look at your property. Buyers don’t want to spend additional income to do repairs to a home and if they discover your home needs repairs they might not want to buy it or they will ask for a reduced rate. If you do even small repairs such as adding a new coat of paint to a room, this can add value to the home and increase the chances you’ll make a sale.

When your home look newer this makes the buyer think that it’s been well looked after and it increases the value almost immediately for you. New paint for example can make a room that look shabby and run down before amazing. Small repairs such as paint, new moldings around the carpet or different curtains can give your house fresh appeal to buyers. Before you show your home make sure it’s as clean as possible and go beyond what you would normally do with cleaning and get it as spotless as you can. Clean up the yard, throw away trash, plant some new flowers, and wash the driveway or deck. These e small simple tasks make a world of difference.

Sometimes even with work you still end up asking yourself “why won’t someone buy my house? This isn’t your fault because selling in in general quite hard. What you need are selling experts that can help you make that sale. These experts will look at your home and give you an estimate on the price they can sell it at. This is great when you just ant to sell your home without additional hassles. Perhaps you need to move quickly or you have financial problems that require you to sell your home fast.

Follow the advice of the experts and work with them to sell your home. They will provide you the cash that you have tied up in your home without going through a time consuming selling process like regular retailers. Their job is to move your home so you can get on with your life as quickly as possible. You won’t pay costly real estate fees and you won’t have to do any repairs or even clean things up, they will buy the home just as it is. It’s a great option when you just can’t move your home by any other means.

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As a result of the concerns about the instances of mis-selling in the sale and rent back market raised by the Office of Fair Trading, the Financial Services Authority now regulates this activity, from July 2009.

We at House Buyers strongly support the efforts by the FSA to raise the industry standards with a view to ensuring that you (our clients and partners) get the best advice and your interests are fully protected.

You will therefore always be appropriately advised about the suitability of a sale and rent back transaction considering your needs and circumstances by one of the FSA authorized
persons/firms who you will be introduced to by us.

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